Information About Crystals?

Answer Crystals have a mystery that has attracted people to them since ancient times. There are many different types of crystals that are considered valuable around the world. They are known for their bea... Read More »

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Information on Garnet Crystals?

Garnet is a semi-precious stones that belong to the isometric crystal family. Garnet stones are usually red, but you can find them in all colors except blue. Does this Spark an idea?

What should you do if you have crystals on the surface of your plaster pool and it's like 80 grit sandpaper and the plaster company says they're salt crystals and need to be sanded off?

Get your water tested and in check. You have too many solids in the water. Start brushing your pool daily as you correct the chemical imbalance. This will help loosen and remove the crystals from y... Read More »

Crystals .?

I have worked with stones for years and I am a true believer in their healing properties but they also have many more properties. Some are good for prosperity, success, romance, self esteem, protec... Read More »

What is in tourmaline crystals?

Tourmaline is a silicate-based crystal substance. The crystal usually contains aluminum, vanadium, iron and sodium. Tourmaline exists in "alkali" "calcic" and "x-site" varieties, each of which have... Read More »