Information About Crystals?

Answer Crystals have a mystery that has attracted people to them since ancient times. There are many different types of crystals that are considered valuable around the world. They are known for their bea... Read More »

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Information on Garnet Crystals?

Garnet is a semi-precious stones that belong to the isometric crystal family. Garnet stones are usually red, but you can find them in all colors except blue. Does this Spark an idea?

About Fresh Step Crystals?

Fresh Step Crystals, made by the Clorox Co., represents a dramatic departure from the regular clay and scoopable cat litters that came before. For some cats, the change may be too drastic, but owne... Read More »

Science Projects About the Formation of Crystals?

Crystals have intrigued mankind for thousands of years with their ability to grow out of what seems like thin air. The orderly pattern of the crystal, in addition to its various colors, make it a t... Read More »

Lessons About Rocks, Gems and Crystals for Students?

For younger students, hands-on science activities often provide more excitement and stimulation for learning than do straightforward lecture lessons. Rocks, crystals and gems are an important lesso... Read More »