Informal Essay Writing Guide?

Answer The informal essay provides ample freedom for a writer. Being fairly guideline free, this style of essay is a form of creative writing -- full of liberties, with no specific rules or steps to foll... Read More »

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What Is Informal & Formal Essay Writing?

The difference between formal and informal essays can be recognized instinctively when reading. However, when actually writing an essay, it is rarely so easy to make the right distinctions. The ma... Read More »

A Guide to Writing an Observational Essay?

The most important part of any well-executed observational essay is for the writer to provide plenty of detail. The reader needs to feel as though they are seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, and/... Read More »

Guide to Writing a Good Essay?

A razor thin line is all that separates a good essay from a crumpled paper in the recycle bin. No matter how excellent your train of thought, a systematic approach is necessary to incorporating the... Read More »

Persuasive Essay Writing Guide?

The goal of a persuasive essay is to convince your reader of some argument, conclusion, belief or fact. Some persuasive essays prompt a reader to simply adapt the writer's way of thinking, while ot... Read More »