Info on a pair of vintage Klipsch speakers?

Answer you will need to determine the wattage and then make sure any system you have will have enough poop to power these wonderful bits of audio engineering you have. The LaScalla is a PA speaker and app... Read More »

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I have a vintage pair of ess eclipse speakers for sale cheap?

We don't buy & sell here. This isn't eBay nor Craig's list.

I have a pair of vintage Magnavox speakers . They have 3 wires coming from them (2 copper 1 Silver)?

Don't!Such speakers could cause trouble.In addition to the odd wiring, they may be of some odd impedance, which could potentially disqualify them from use with any amplifier other than the one for ... Read More »

Jamo speakers vs klipsch?

Not sure if you are aware of this...but Jamo is a Klipsch company. Klipsch bought them back in 2005.

Will the Bose 901 Active Equalizer damage Klipsch speakers?

The 901 Active Equalizer can be used with other speakers. While specifically designed for the Bose 901 speakers, any other speaker should be fine, as long as you do not turn it on with the equalize... Read More »