Inflammation of nervous system?

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How does the muscular system work with the nervous system?

The brain controls all body systems. It interacts with other body systems through a network of neurons, which make up the nervous system. These specialized neurons communicate with muscles througho... Read More »

Is the female reproductive system interdependent with the nervous system?

According to Dr. Ben Kim, all of the body's systems are interdependent. Since the nervous system regulates all other systems, including the reproductive system, yes, the female reproductive system ... Read More »

Facts on the Nervous System of the Kangaroo?

Kangaroos are the best known marsupials, a group of mammals that carry their young in a pouch. Native to Australia, kangaroos are herbivores, have strong muscles and stretchy tendons and a life-spa... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of Central Nervous System Disorders?

The central nervous system (CNS) is a complex system that coordinates different nerves in our body. The CNS is prone to disorders for reasons such as trauma or blood flow disruption. There are diff... Read More »