Infiniti J30 Fuel Filter Installation?

Answer The J30 is a mid-sized luxury car that was produced by Infiniti between 1993 and 1997. The J30 utilized an in-line fueling system with a fuel filter mounted in the fuel line assembly. The fuel filt... Read More »

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How to Replace the Fuel Filter on the Infiniti QX4?

The Infiniti QX4 uses an in-line fuel filter, which is usually located on the passenger side frame rail near the back wheel. The fuel filter keeps debris and moisture that might accumulate in the f... Read More »

Ford Fuel Filter Installation?

Whether the Ford automobile is equipped with fuel injection or a carburetor, a fuel filter is a vital component of the fuel system. The fuel filter traps debris and contamination from entering the ... Read More »

KIA Optima Fuel Filter Installation?

Installing your vehicle's fuel filter yourself will save you money versus having a professional do the work. The fuel filter is a required peace of hardware for any vehicle. Its role is to prevent ... Read More »

Subaru Fuel Filter Installation?

Older Subaru automobiles made it easy for a home mechanic to change the fuel filter. It’s accessible under the hood and can be installed in less than an hour with common hand tools. Newer Subaru ... Read More »