Infected insect bites?

Answer Site of infection will be red , swollen ,painful and perhaps even puss omiting.

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How to Identify Insect Bites?

Insect bites itch, burn, swell or do some combination of these three things. While many insect bites stop irritating the skin after a few minutes, some persist for much longer. Other insect bites m... Read More »

Insect bites in winter?

you can still get mosquito bites in winter take some piriton tabs. it will clear them up if it is mosquito bites

Insect bites prevention?

You are not alone. For some reason my step son is also getting bit by what i believe are fleas (But he is the only one getting bit.) Right now it is flea season so its gonna be very hard to get rid... Read More »

How can I stop getting insect bites?

Get a bath, apply some crab lotion and stop sleeping around.