Infected fingernail what should i do what does it look like?

Answer Fill a cup about half way with very warm water & mix in some Epsom salt. This will decrease the pain a good bit.

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What Does an Ingrown Fingernail Look Like?

Ingrown fingernails occur when the nail becomes embedded in the skin and the skin starts to grow around the nail. The condition is extremely painful. The nail must be extracted from the skin before... Read More »

What does an infected tongue look like?

An infected tongue is also known as glossitis. Glossitis has a very recognizable appearance and can be treated easily.FactsSome common causes of glossitis include a viral or bacterial infection, ho... Read More »

My scars from cutting look infected, what should I do?

They probably ARE infected. You need to go to a doctor so they can prescribe the proper antibiotic for you, or else the infection can spread. You could even lose a limb, or worse. You also have to ... Read More »

Can anyone explain what the filter in my plasma tv does what it should look like normally Hitachi42edt41a?

Best bet is to look in the owner's manual for that information. Usually, the manufacturers will explain in simple language what each feature does and since you didn't provide the info from that, I ... Read More »