Infected fingernail what should i do what does it look like?

Answer Fill a cup about half way with very warm water & mix in some Epsom salt. This will decrease the pain a good bit.

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How do you remove fingernail polish off fingernails without fingernail polish remover?

It will wear off , eventually, but you can buff it off with a fine grit nail file or emery board. Just don't rub too hard, and be careful around your cuticles.That answer was good, but i have a bet... Read More »

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How to Get Fingernail Polish Off Without Using Fingernail Polish Remover?

When you painted your nails they looked great. Perfectly in tune with your outfit of the day it was a color coordination success. Since then, it's begun to chip as nail polish does and has lost its... Read More »

How to get this off my fingernail?

if the skin was truly dead it will have no feeling what so ever and should remove it self. removal of dead skin that has started to rot on the body is another story... see a doctor in that casehere... Read More »