Infected cartilage?

Answer My cartilage hurt like a mother when I got it done. Didn't bleed however all that much. It might be infected...use rubbing alcohol and a qtip to clean both the piercing hole in the cartilage and ... Read More »

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Is my cartilage infected Or is it just irritated?

Don't take it out, then the infection could get trapped under your skin and cause more problems. Wash it with regular unscented soap a few times a day and keep twisting it. Soak it in sea salts if ... Read More »

My cartilage piercing is infected and I need medication advice...?

You know when a piercing is infected if yellow or green fluids or pus are coming out. White and clear discharge is normal part of the healing process. Redness, pain, excessive swelling, sore, tende... Read More »

Can you get infected with HIV if you swallow HIV infected blood?

Where should I get my cartilage done?

usually you have to have a parental consent form signed in order to have it done if your not 18. If someone signs it and is not your parent it can cause allot of legal stuff in court.