Infant liver disease symptoms?

Answer Firstly, you should be asking your Pediatrician this question. Sounds like you need immediate medical help, and with a baby but 3 days old, you need professional medical help, and right now. Get to... Read More »

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How to Spot Symptoms of Liver Disease?

More than 30,000 deaths occur annually from liver disease. It strikes in many different ways. The first step in overcoming liver disease is knowing the signs and symptoms. If you experience any sym... Read More »

Hemolytic does anemia liver enzymes low platelet count affect the infant?

It probably isn't acne. Take him/her to a doctor - she may have eczema or another skin disorder.

Canine Liver Disease Causes?

The liver is the largest---and highly important---organ in dogs. It filters the blood to remove impurities and toxins, processes food and stores sugar, among other functions. With more than 500 fun... Read More »

Which disease mimics the symptoms of Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is notoriously difficult to diagnose. Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria and transmitted by the bite of a tick. The name comes from a town in Connecticut where a number of cases were... Read More »