Inexpensive Home Sauna Treatment?

Answer Originating in Finland, saunas have been used since ancient times and are touted to have a variety of benefits. These include improving blood circulation, increasing metabolism, burning calories, r... Read More »

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How to Treat Home Sauna Wood?

Saunas are most commonly constructed out of either redwood or cedar. These types of wood need to be treated properly, so they do not wear down or become damaged as the sauna is used over time. It i... Read More »

How to Make an Infrared Home Sauna?

The health benefits of a dry sauna, such as relaxation and detoxifying your body, seem to be maximized when you can use an infrared sauna for deep tissue warming. Building your own infrared sauna i... Read More »

Home Theatre Cables: Expensive Ones vs. Inexpensive Ones ?

Check out some home theater forums like AVSforum and others. Members have done blind and equipment tested...tests.I personally buy from monoprice . com. So do TONS of people from real home theater ... Read More »

What are some inexpensive ways I can make my home feel like "Fall"?

I am a college student who loves to decorate too! LOL...You need to check the local discount/dollar stores to see what they have for fall. You can also buy small bags of Indian corn and pumpkins to... Read More »