Induction vs. Electric Range?

Answer Personal preference plays a role when trying to decide between purchasing an induction or electric range. Induction ranges and certain electric ranges feature smooth glass cooktop surfaces. Traditi... Read More »

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What Is an electric induction furnace?

Electric induction furnaces are cylindrically shaped, open-topped refractory crucibles/containers that are able to tilt. They are capable of heating substances, like metal, to very high temperature... Read More »

Is Induction cooker is electric shock proof..?

No electrical device is 'shock proof'. Check the cords and switches and keep water away from the electrical parts of the cooker.

How to Install an Electric Box for an Electric Range?

Installing an electrical box for an electrical range requires wiring a high voltage 50-amp 240-volt receptacle. These receptacles are slightly more complicated than wiring a standard 120-volt recep... Read More »

How to Wire an Electric Range?

Invented in 1882, an electric range converts electricity into heat. Unlike many household appliances, an electric range uses a 220-volt circuit, rather than the standard 110-volt circuit. Even with... Read More »