Indoor Plants That Grow in Full Sun & Southern Exposure?

Answer Windows on the southern side of the home have the potential to receive more intense sunlight than windows on other sides of the house, provided that there are no obstructions, such as window treatm... Read More »

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What Plants to Grow During the Winter in the Southern United States?

The southern United States has USDA Plant Hardiness Zones ranging between 7 and 10. Plants that grow well during the winter in these zones are those that are fairly hardy and can resist cooler temp... Read More »

Indoor Plants That Kids Can Grow?

Kids are more likely to stay interested in gardening if they can help grow indoor plants that look interesting and require a minimum of work. Plants for kids should be able to take some neglect and... Read More »

10 Ways to Help Indoor Plants Grow?

House plants require proper care to thrive in the home, since indoor conditions rarely match a plant's optimum growing needs. Every plant has different needs, including light, soil and nutrients. A... Read More »

How to Grow Indoor Cherry Tomato Plants?

The firm, slightly crisp skin of a ripe cherry tomato barely resists your bite and, after it's punctured, the sweet, succulent interior spreads its flavor across your tongue to remind you of all th... Read More »