Indoor Plant Species?

Answer Indoor plant species bring a touch of outdoor color and life to your home. Plants also clean the air indoors as they filter out gasses and give off clean oxygen. Choose your indoor plant species wi... Read More »

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Sorrel Plant Species?

Also known as the Dock genus, the Sorrel genus (Rumex spp.) consists of approximately 200 species of herbaceous plants. Two species of sorrel are cultivated as garden plants: common sorrel (Rumex a... Read More »

How many species are in the plant kingdom?

The number of plant species in the plant kingdom changes as humans discover new species. The number usually sits around 270,000 species with the majority of species considered flowering herbs.Sourc... Read More »

How many plant species are there on Earth?

As of 2007, there are 297,326 known plant species in the world. Scientists speculate that, between plants and animals, anywhere from 5 to 100 million species inhabit the Earth, but only a small nu... Read More »

Is a hydrangea a plant species?

Hydrangeas are not a species of plant but a genus. Hydrangeas are summer-blooming perennial shrubs that produce clusters of flowers and large soft leaves. Some popular hydrangea species are Pee Gee... Read More »