Indoor HDTV Atennna?

Answer I use my HDTV antenna with Directv, of course without an hdtv you won't see hd quality!Do you see any of the hd channels? brought down to non-hd quality?DTV has a special box for hd... but it might... Read More »

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Why would i need an hdtv indoor antenna?

According to a 2009 study by In-Stat, 17 million households with high definition televisions were not watching HD programming. While a conscious choice for many, for others this was due to a lack o... Read More »

What is the best indoor antenna for HDTV?

On One Hand: The Benefits of an Indoor AntennaAn indoor antenna is a good solution for picking up over-the-air television and HDTV. When in the city or in close proximity of the broadcast source, i... Read More »

A DIY Indoor HDTV Antenna?

Unlike analog antennas, a digital antenna either works or it doesn’t--there is no ghosting or other interference issues when using it. A do-it-yourself (DIY) digital antenna, also known as an “... Read More »

Does an indoor amplified hdtv antenna work?

On One Hand: Indoor HDTV Antennas Receive Most SignalsIndoor amplified HDTV antennas are similar in function to most outdoor antennas: they attune to signals within a certain frequency range and co... Read More »