Individual photo scanning (UK only) ?

Answer There are places, but it depends where you live. If you google "photo scanner service", you will find plenty of options (add your hometown if you want someone local).This website might give you per... Read More »

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Can you view individual cells on a scanning electron microscope?

Yes, you can view individual cells. The SEM uses electrons instead of light to produce the image, and so extends microscopy's range into the nanoscale. As reference, a typical human cell size is te... Read More »

Scanning the photo for copy?

Generally speaking you want to set your brightness first to where the highlights aren't blown out (all gone white without distinction). Then add contrast until your shadows look normal, readjust br... Read More »

After scanning a photo, how do i make it bigger?

Photo scanning, slides and negatives?

A Regular Scanner can be used to scan Negatives and Slides however Quality is the real question. A scanner specifically designed for that purpose will provide a better quality than one that is not... Read More »