Individual Belts Vs. Serpentine?

Answer Automobile engines use one or more belts to power various engine-mounted accessories. Using a system of pulleys, the belts transfer the circular motion of the engine's drive shaft to the alternator... Read More »

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The Best Brands of Serpentine Belts?

A serpentine belt is a large belt that connects to the engine pulleys on an engine and powers the components mounted to the engine, such as the power steering pump. The serpentine belt is also call... Read More »

Why Do Serpentine Belts Squeak?

A noisy serpentine belt can be annoying. There are several reasons why a belt may squeak. It could mean nothing, but it could also be symptom of a bigger problem.

How to Stop Squeaking GM Serpentine Belts?

Squeaky engines alert you to potential issues within the engine. First locate the source of the sound, then correct the issue. Some squeaks or squeals occur due to bearing issues within the various... Read More »

How to Change Serpentine Belts in a BMW 323IS?

The BMW 323IS model cars come equipped with one complete belt that controls all of the drive pulleys on the front of the engine. This belt is called the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt has rib... Read More »