Indicators of School Crime & Safety?

Answer Any event that causes violence or crime within a school setting affects the individuals involved, as well as those around them and the educational system as a whole. Teachers who experience traumat... Read More »

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Who conducted the first comprehensive study of school crime&safety in 1978?

In 1974, United States Congress passed the Safe School Study Act. In response to this legislation, Health, Education and Welfare's (HEW) National Institute of Education (NIE) conducted the Safe Sch... Read More »

Success Indicators for School Development Plans?

Every educational institution must meet its mission goal. Monitoring the progress of the facility helps administrators tell whether the school programs are on the right path. While parents may feel... Read More »

Are high school grades accurate indicators of students'abilities?

On One Hand: Grades Measure Material Learned and EffortA grade on a report card is intended to reflect the material that a student has learned in class. Grades also often reflect the effort that a ... Read More »

Fun Activities on Crime and Safety Prevention for Youth?

Crime prevention and safety management education can help children navigate a world of risks from youth to adulthood. But these subjects, though topical, can be stale in lecture form and lead to di... Read More »