Indicators of Loose Wheel Nuts?

Answer The lug nuts on a vehicle are important components that many car owners and drivers likely take for granted. The lug nuts are responsible for holding the wheels to the vehicle's hub; if they are lo... Read More »

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What Causes Lug Nuts To Keep Coming Loose?

Keeping your tires on the road is the cornerstone to keeping you safe when you're driving. The lug nuts that secure the tires to your vehicle need to be checked routinely for signs of loosening to ... Read More »

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How to Cut Lug Nuts From the Wheel?

Lug nuts thread onto the wheel studs to hold the wheel to the vehicle. Over time, the threads inside the lug nuts, or the threads on the wheel studs, can wear out, making it relatively easy to acci... Read More »

Types of Wheel Nuts?

Wheel nuts, or lug nuts, come in a variety of sizes and styles. The wheel nuts hold the tire in place, so the differences are mainly aesthetic. Lug nuts are not all the same size or style. Foreign ... Read More »