Indications of Transmission Failure?

Answer If your vehicle's transmission has completely failed, it should be obvious; the car won't move at all when you shift it into any gear. Some typical symptoms of an impending transmission failure wil... Read More »

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Signs of Transmission Failure?

Although the signs of transmission trouble are not subtle, many people ignore them until real problems start. By allowing the small signs to come and go without mechanical attention, you have invit... Read More »

Symptoms of Automatic Transmission Failure?

Complete automatic transmission failure is obvious because the car will not move at all when shifted into forward or reverse. Usually the symptoms of impending automatic transmission failure are no... Read More »

1998 Honda Transmission Failure?

Transmission problems on your 1998 Honda can be some of the most serious and expensive to repair. Transmission failure can be caused by a variety of different issues, including design flaws, failed... Read More »

Symptoms of Failure in a Transmission Torque Converter?

When you step on the clutch pedal of a manual transmission car to shift into gear, the clutch disconnects the transmission from the car's engine. In an automatic transmission vehicle, a transmissio... Read More »