Indians-why cant this crow drink pepsi instead of raising the water?

Answer Health benefits of drinking waterregulate appetiteincrease metabolismboost energy levelsless water retentionalleviate some headacheshelp reduce blood pressurehelp reduce high cholesterolease joint ... Read More »

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Simple Drink question. Pepsi Orange Juice Vitamin Water Or Milk Which from this list do u like better?

Is it safe to drink distilled water instead of tap water?

Drinking a quality distilled water is the only healthy choice in a polluted world. Even the water in Antarctica is tainted. I add nutrients to my distilled by adding wheat grass it turns the water... Read More »

Why cant new borns drink water?

From Dr. Sears:"Does my breastfeeding baby need bottles of water?"Breastfeeding babies do not need extra water, though formula-fed babies often do. Your breastmilk contains enough water for your ba... Read More »

Instead of driking water to stay hydrated can you drink tea?

Yes,any water based drink is fine. Just be aware that caffen is a diuretic.