Indiana State Laws for DUI Conviction?

Answer The criminal penalties in Indiana for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) vary depending on whether you have previous convictions for DUI. This crime is regulated by Indiana Code 9-30-5, t... Read More »

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State Laws Regarding FMLA in Indiana?

The Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, is a federal law requiring employers to provide unpaid time off for employees who must attend to medical needs for themselves or their families. Each state al... Read More »

Garnishment Laws in the State of Indiana?

In the State of Indiana, if you do not pay a bill owed a creditor, that creditor may file a complaint against you in court, obtain a judgment against you and garnish your wages. A judgment credit... Read More »

Laws Against Leaving the State With a Child in Indiana?

If you are an Indiana resident and the custodial parent of the child, and you desire to move to another state, you cannot simply get up and go; if you do, you could be charged with "interference wi... Read More »

What are State of Indiana Teen Pregancy Laws?

you can never know a hundred percent whether or not you are pregnant without taking a test. however some signs and symptoms could be a good warning for you to take a test.feeling nauseated often ( ... Read More »