Indiana Guardianship Duties?

Answer Sometimes a person may be unable to make decisions about her own life due to a mental or physical illness, a disability, or a mental handicap. In these cases, having a guardian who can not only ass... Read More »

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How do I get long-term guardianship for a minor forms in Indiana?

Obtaining Guardianship FormsDownload the application for Assisted Guardianship for a minor forms from Indiana's Department of Child Services website. You can also get the forms from any Indiana Div... Read More »

Can you obtain guardianship for a child with special needs in INDIANA without a lawyer?

A good way to approach your mother is to get her alone. Tell her that you have something important and difficult to tell her and that you want her to know because you need help with it. Then, tell ... Read More »

Executor Duties in Indiana?

An executor is the person named to administer your estate upon your death. In other words, it is the person named in your will to carry out the provisions of your will. You should get a second exec... Read More »

Is a guardianship legal if biological parents were not served with petition for guardianship?

Guardianship is legal when the judge says it is. An attempt must be made to serve the biological parents but if service is not possible for whatever reason an argument can be made to the judge to g... Read More »