Indian or Turkish cuisine what your fav?

Answer I have tried a few Indian dishes and I liked them. Apparently they have a rich cuisine. However, since I'm a Turkish Cypriot I should say Turkish cuisine. It is one of the richest in the world beca... Read More »

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Which cuisine do you prefer: Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Turkish or British?

Japanese. Sushi!!!But from your list, Thai. Green curry is AWESOME.

Is Indian cuisine the only cuisine in the world which uses a generous amount of spices ?

We use a lot of spice here in China, particularly in the Sichuan and Hunan regions -- just not in the huge doses India uses. I think the heavy use of spices originated in the early days before refr... Read More »

Turkish cuisine?

Do you like Turkish cuisine?

skywalker, how did I miss this question? I have not been to Turkey, but yes! I love Turkish food & Turkish coffee is my favorite! I'm Italian, and we like our coffee strong. I love ethnic cooki... Read More »