Indian or Italian food?

Answer well I love my stomach but I am not fat I am slim I love most of the Indian food but I don't know what's it's name and I love spagetti in general I love food all kinds even babies food cereal ymmmm... Read More »

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Vote!, which is the best food Indian, Italian or Chinese?

Food Survey. Italian, Indian, Thai or Chinese?

very very hard... lolfrom what you've put up here I'd say ITALIAN...But I also love Persian, French, and Turkish...

Food: Mexican, Italian, Greek, Chinese, French, Indian, or Thai Or something else?

For me, all items of your list just take out Mexican add Japanese, Spanish, Veitnamese, Korean & Portugese (recently I'm very interested in this one too!) Well if I have Spanish, I don't need Mex... Read More »

What is your favorite type of food chinese, mexican, italian, indian, japanese why?

I don't eat chinese or Japanese food. Indian food gives me the sh*ts.italian food is very good, but expensive, and fattening (pasta)Mexican food is my favorite. I really like it extra spicy.