Indian natural herb Tulsi to fight back swine flu?

Answer Yoga can cure swine flu.Giloye is also very helpful in addition to TULSI.

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Is tulsi herb or shrrub?

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How to Make Tulsi Tea From a Tulsi Plant?

The tulsi plant is an herbaceous sub-shrub that is also referred to as holy basil. It's highly aromatic and possesses a sweet, slightly bitter, spiced flavor that lends to a myriad of uses. Aside f... Read More »

Do you know best Indian Herb to control Joint Pains?

HOLY BASIL (Ocimum sanctum) Contains ursolic acid, which significantly enhances detoxification and promotes a healthy inflammation response.*TURMERICTURMERIC Unique curcumin phytonutrient complex, ... Read More »

Why the fight scenes in most of the south Indian movies are so unrealistic?

that is what we got to laugh about our movies..u are wrong...actually in telugu movies..we get to watch an old fellow kickin 100 people ...they make because they think we like them..but they dunno... Read More »