Indian Restaurant Food Help!?

Answer Unless it's named after the City of Macon, I think they mean Special Makkan Chicken. Makkan/Makhan is butter; so it's basically butter chicken, which is a sweet, creamy chicken dish. And yes, it is... Read More »

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Indian food... Help!?

I hate Indian food too, and the other day my boyfriend made me try a chicken korma (not sure how its spelt) which isn't spicy at allll, its just really creamy and wasn't that bad and I probably wou... Read More »

Does food restaurant make more money a year, or regular fancy restaurant?

That would depend upon the location. I'm sure there are some McDonald's that make as much as, if not more, in a year than a 5 star restaurant, once you take costs, wages and other expenses into acc... Read More »

Do you like home cooked food or restaurant food?

I am the same way. I prefer to cook and eat at home rather than eat out. The reasons being the same as you stated. I know what is in the food and how much.

Whats the best indian restaurant in seattle?