Indian Communication Styles?

Answer Every culture has its own particular style of communication. Within that framework, however, there are overlaps where Indian language groups share similarities. With the Indians in North America, t... Read More »

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Generational Differences in Communication Styles?

Communication between generations of people isn't always easy. Much of this stems from differences in perspectives or views, topics or subjects being discussed, emotions in conversation and even st... Read More »

Male and Female Communication Styles?

Men and women are different in many ways, including the way they communicate with others. In some situations, women communicate in a more straightforward manner than men, particularly when the subj... Read More »

Collaboration of Effective Communication and Learning Styles?

Communication is the process of sharing information between people through verbal and non-verbal cues. Effective communication is achieved only if the message sent is received and understood as int... Read More »

German Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Styles?

With approximately 121 million speakers, mainly in the European countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, German is one of the world's major languages. As it belongs to the same fa... Read More »