Independent Student for financial aid purposes?

Answer you will be considered an Independent Student if: 1. You are enrolled in a Masters program, Doctorate Degree, or graduate Certification program * age does not matter, if you are enrolled... Read More »

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Will I receive more financial aid for college if I am independent?

Your financial aid determination is based upon your expected family contribution and income level. If you, and your spouse if applicable, made less money last year than your parents, your financial... Read More »

How to Declare Yourself Independent for Financial Aid for College in New Jersey?

Throughout the country, more than two-thirds of college students receive some form of federal or state financial aid to finance their college degree. Students receiving federal or state financial a... Read More »

Do Student Loans count as income for tax-filing purposes?

No student loans are not income. The E in EIC stands for earned, loan money isn't earned. You cant use that money to file income taxes on. If you have a spouse you might qualify that way.Sorry. T... Read More »

How much does FAFSA pay for an independent student?

Filing your FAFSA as an independent student may get you more student aid than if you filed as a dependent student because there isn't the same expectation that your parents will pay for your educat... Read More »