Independent Projects in Middle School?

Answer An independent project is one that, as the name implies, students pursue on their own. While the subject matter or topic of the project can vary, the process and final product should showcase basic... Read More »

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Independent Math Projects for Middle School Students?

It is important that middle class students be able to work well independently in math. Having students work through and present their own math projects to the rest of the class can improve both th... Read More »

Projects for Middle School?

When you are teaching a middle school class, regardless of the topic, an engaging break from everyday homework can be to assign special projects to your students. Projects compel your students to t... Read More »

War Projects for Middle School?

In middle school, children are entering an age where they can think more critically and analytically than in elementary school. Understanding and exploring history through stimulating projects is a... Read More »

Sandstorm Projects for Middle School?

Sandstorms form over areas with dry climates, such as the Sahara region in Africa, the Gobi in Asia and in the Southwest portions of the United States. The sand whipped up by the wind can create du... Read More »