Independent Canal Boat Trips in Europe?

Answer Boating enthusiasts keen to navigate the waterways of Europe have a number of destinations to choose from, including Britain, Holland, Germany, France, and Ireland. Once used to transport heavy goo... Read More »

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Could the US tolerate a free and independent Eastern Europe?

Answer 1 Palestine is a nation Israel is too. Answer 2 The United States supports both Israel, Egypt, and Palestine. The United States is also prepared to support and aide any Arab country (like E... Read More »

Ohio River Boat Trips?

The Ohio River covers a length of more than 900 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the Mississippi River. During the 1800s, the river became an important commercial route for many cities along... Read More »

How to Control a Canal Boat (Narrowboat)?

No "driver's licence" is required to control a narrowboat in Britain. However, most people find it difficult without some training - narrowboats are heavy, and slow to turn (and slow down) and they... Read More »

Boat Trips to Useppa Island, Florida?

The picturesque white cottages and lush vegetation of Useppa, a private island located in southwest Florida, make it a beautiful destination. To stay on the island, you must buy an exclusive member... Read More »