Inclusive Practices in the Classroom?

Answer An inclusive classroom incorporates special needs students into a traditional classroom setting with nonspecial needs students. By eliminating common barriers to learning, keeping the lines of comm... Read More »

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How to Teach Preschoolers About Inclusive Practices?

Preschoolers are exposed to many new social experiences, such as the inclusion of students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are included in the preschool environment with other childre... Read More »

How to Use Enrichment in an Inclusive Classroom?

Inclusion classrooms are those that include both general education students and special education students. Teachers who wish to provide enrichment activities in an inclusion classroom must plan ca... Read More »

How to Make an Inclusive Classroom?

With today's classrooms becoming more diverse, it is important for teachers to ensure that all students feel welcome and part of the classroom. Teachers can design culturally relevant curriculum an... Read More »

Adaptations for an Inclusive Classroom?

Laws dictate a student with special needs must be placed in a classroom with his typically developing peers as much of the time as he is able. Because of this, you will likely have an inclusive cla... Read More »