Incision has openef up. What do I do?

Answer umm GO TO THE DOCTOR!... LIKE NOW!! p.s. If you don't want to call the doctors office but if they are not open right now for advice...GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. LIKE, NOW.

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What's the difference between an incision and an abrasion?

Incision is a cut or penetration made by a sharp edge. Abrasion is a scrape or friction wound.

Is stinging an ok sensation in an incision?

That is not unusual at this point. It may be coming from the sutures in which case it will dissipate as the tissue heals or as the sutures are removed or dissolve. At an outside chance, you may hav... Read More »

Veterinary Use of Preparation H for Incision Care?

Although Preparation H is widely known for its use in hemorrhoid treatment, it has also been used to treat wrinkles and puffy eyes. Some veterinarians have also used it to promote incision healing.

How to Take Care of an Incision After Thyroid Surgery?

The 3- to 4-inch incision resulting from thyroid surgery should heal quickly. How soon you're allowed to go home, either the same day or the day after, will depend on the type of procedure you've u... Read More »