Incidence of Rabies in Bats?

Answer The disease rabies has three reservoirs of infection. The first reservoir is urban animals. The second one is wildlife such as wild dogs, coyotes, wolves, and bears. The third reservoir of infectio... Read More »

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How do bats contract rabies?

Bats are often associated with rabies, though the percentage of bats that carry and can transmit rabies is extremely low. The Organization for Bat Conservation estimates that the incidence of rabie... Read More »

Do bats have rabies?

Rabies is a viral disease that affects the central nervous system of humans and mammals. Many mammals can carry the disease, including bats. Most cases of rabies are contracted through bites, so ... Read More »

Are Composite Bats Better Than Aluminium Bats?

Creating a pet shelter requires extensive planning and fundraising. Everything must be prepared, built and in place before the shelter is opened for business. The planning process includes determin... Read More »

How Do I Calculate Age-Adjusted Incidence?

Incidence is the measure of new disease in a population over a specific time. Age-adjusted incidence specifically weights the number of persons in a certain age group of the standard population usu... Read More »