Incentives for Opening a Bank Account?

Answer If you are in the market to open your first checking account or are not pleased with your current bank, it is worth looking around at the array of incentives and special rewards that banks offer yo... Read More »

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Bank Checking Account Incentives?

Banks are on street corners in almost every city. There are dozens of personal banking options, and banks compete to entice customers to open accounts at their institution. As a result, the days of... Read More »

Opening a Bank Account in Switzerland ?

If you're trading stocks, there are records of your buying and selling. The government is notified each time you sell a stock. How does opening a Swiss bank account keep you from paying taxes on... Read More »

Patriot Act Requirements for Opening a Bank Account?

The War on Terrorism has changed many procedures in the United States, including banking. President George W. Bush signed the USA PATRIOT Act into legislation in 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attack... Read More »

What is the minimum balance for opening a checking account with Chase Bank?

Chase offers several different checking account types. Most of Chase's checking accounts require a $25 minimum deposit. The minimum deposit for the Chase Premier Platinum Checking is $5,000 for the... Read More »