Incentive Game Ideas?

Answer Incentive-based activities are an effective way to motivate people to participate in your organization's projects and get involved in group goals. Knowing that they will be rewarded can help employ... Read More »

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Workplace Incentive Ideas?

There are a number of ways to incentivize employees. Employers use incentives to attract workers and retain talent. They may be financial based or not. The employer's responsibility is to determine... Read More »

Goal Incentive Ideas?

Sales goals are based on the company's annual budget. The company figures out how much revenue it would take to break even, then the percentage growth it would like to see. Incentives are good ways... Read More »

Wellness Incentive Ideas?

Corporations large and small include employee wellness programs as part of their business models. Wellness programs decrease company health care costs and increase employee productivity. A comprehe... Read More »

Incentive Ideas for Kindergarten?

Incentives for young children, to get them to pay attention during kindergarten activities, is one of the most effective methods, according to Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family. He b... Read More »