Inaccurate mouse pointer.?

Answer It sound like you need to download the drivers for it and use the calibration tool if you have a logitech then that is all you need I had a similar problem and that is what I did and I don't have t... Read More »

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Mouse pointer moving on its own when on the mouse pad?

Remove the back cover and clean the rollers where the ball sits. I use cotton tips with alcohol. If its really dirty, you may have to scrape the built up kunk.

What is a mouse pointer?

A mouse pointer is the actual cursor that the computer user will see on the computer screen. The mouse pointer can change into a variety of shapes as an indication of the computer's current action.... Read More »

How do I change a mouse pointer on a Mac?

Getting the ProgramSearch for iCursor 1.40 at Mac Update ( and install it for free.Installing the ProgramInstall the program when automatically prompted after the download is fini... Read More »

How to Hide the Mac Mouse Pointer?

One problem with older Apple computers is that when you're watching an enlarged video your mac mouse pointer will still appear on the screen. Even if you try and move the pointer to the bottom of t... Read More »