In your opinion, which is better Macs or Windows Why?

Answer Windows, you want to know why there is no viruses and stuff on macs? because nothing runs on them. If you want choice, PC's is the way to go

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Which computer is better macintosh i-macs or Microsoft windows computers?

Whats the big argument, Mac just recently became the #5 seller of PCs. Why not get a Mac and run both windows and OSX on it and decide for yourself. If you get a virus on the PC side, it won't jump... Read More »

Bose vs. Klipsch: Which is better in your opinion?

klipsch is clearly the better brand. when it comes to overall sound quality and wider soundstage klipsch is the clear standout winner. more power capability. way more versatile with differing compo... Read More »

In your opinion, is there better alternative software to Windows Movie Maker?

I am a big fan of Magix Goya Movie maker Pro.Check out a Demo, I bought it a while ago and there are probably a lot better ones out now. I just like the special effects and placement of text etc, i... Read More »


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