In your opinion, what makes Sony the best and have the most expensive products?

Answer For me they are not the best, it depends on the taste and needs of people.They have expensive products for sure, in mobile area they lead the camera innovations, they always have the first big reso... Read More »

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Why Sony products are always expensive?

have u never heard the saying.Buy cheap buy twice.Sony are more expensive because the products are brilliant.I always buy Sony stuff.Had my LCD for nearly 4 years and it's as good today as the day ... Read More »

In your opinion, which kitchen utensil makes the best?

Why cant your man scratch it or did he leave you when you told him his wife's baby was genectically yours cuz he looked like you and you believed DNA would prove it so you could take her baby.

:) What in your opinion is the best flower to have?

Well, Plumerias are wonderful if you want something that smells good. And they are so easy to grow. The only thing is when it gets cold, the plant loses all it's leaves, so it looks like a big stic... Read More »

720p v 1080i which is best in your personal opinion not what you have read.?

720p gives a single picture at 720 scanlines 1080i gives you 2 pictures -interleaved with each other - effectively needing much more processing power but only building an overall picture of 540 sca... Read More »