In your opinion, what is the best web site?

Answer Google and Yahoo for searching and they are the sites I visit the most anyway. Youtube is also pretty addictive.

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In your opinion, what is the best brand LCD tv?

We just bought a 46" Samsung and the picture is amazing. We tried the other ones you listed and the picture quality was not that great. The color was dull, the picture was pix-elated and just all... Read More »

In your opinion, what is the best beer?

Oh, oh....I'm so glad to hear that...matter-of-fact...I'm so excited....I'm in North Carolina, and every store has it here...being german myself...I just love it...and many ppl who come to this sta... Read More »

What is the best Mel Gibson movie in your opinion?

The Road Warrior. No doubt about it. Braveheart and Lethal Weapon were good, but they're nothing compared to The Road Warrior.I miss the old Mel, before he went crazy. Or, at least, before we kn... Read More »

In your opinion what is the best brand of printer?

Unless you absolutely need photo quality, go with a laser. Lasers have sharper text and are generally faster than inkjets. While toner cartridges are more expensive than ink, they print more pages,... Read More »