In your opinion, what is Microsofts role in society?

Answer It is simply making the IT field more advanced.

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The Functions & Role of Law in Business & Society?

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The Role of Print Media in Society?

Print media have been the first form of mass communication, since the first journals after the invention of typography by Gutenberg (in 1447) and monopolized the field until the mass production of ... Read More »

Role of Public Education Teachers in Today's Society?

Teachers play a valuable role in today's society. They play an integral part in the process of its forming as they are the front line of instruction. The government may make the standards and sugge... Read More »

What is the blu-ray disc impact on your society?

A Blu-Ray is a spinning disc optical media used for the storage of lage amounts of data in a portable, typically read only format. CD's, DVD's, Laser disc's, VCD's and HD-DVD's all use(d) a red las... Read More »