In your opinion, is it fair to take advantage of a person that is drunk?

Answer LOL..Yes> When my kids were young ,,thats the only way to get their dad to buy them anything. I would take them to whatever bar he was in and tell them to go ask him for money, in front of his drun... Read More »

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What's your opinion on drunk driving?

How to Have a Fair Opinion?

Everyone has an opinion on something... and everyone is passionate about at least one cause or belief. This article discusses how to develop your own opinion, and discuss it with others as well, wi... Read More »

Who's the better looking korean person in your opinion?

woah!~ this is hard!!! top is smexy whilst the guy from "big" is cute and adorable ..h m.... i pick .... um.... i dunno!! too hard >.< ...wait ! i pick the guy from big! personally he looks cute an... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Drunk Person?

Don't let a friend get wastedEvery year in the US alone, a number of drunk students die or get in a car crash as a result of alcohol. Because people assume that passing out, vomiting, and being rea... Read More »