In your opinion, how can bluetooth technology best be used in the future?

Answer Bluetooth technology is a great system for transfering data from one place to another in a small setting. However, it is to be considered that the public in general will always revert back to old w... Read More »

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Where else can the iPhone 4S go with future technology?

Bluetooth V1.1 Technology Vs. Bluetooth V1.2 Technology?

In the early 2000s, Bluetooth 1.1 worked to amend some of the shortcomings of the earlier Bluetooth technology while Bluetooth 1.2 expanded the efficiency of existing features. As Bluetooth devices... Read More »

How to Use Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth technology allows users to exchange voice and data transmissions between 2 or more electronic devices, given that all the devices are within a short distance from one another. There are n... Read More »