In your humble opinion, do you think Pres.Obama is encouraging OR discouraging market recovery by his policies?

Answer Every step that a Democratic Congress has taken has been not only discouraging the market recovery but very dangerous to the economy as a wholeGave away billions to AIG also without pre-conditions.... Read More »

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What is the dumbest song in your humble opinion?

Barbie GirlAny Nicki Minaj song. Especially Stupid Hoe and Beezinthetrap song.Any 2Chainz song.

What's your learned, if humble, opinion on whether Sirius XM (SIRI) would be to a decent investment under a $1?

IT'S NOT UNDER A DOLLAR ANYMORE! GO SIRI !!!With a stock analyst price target of $1.26; I'd say it's a good investment, but an even better trade!Check out these 5 Reasons to Buy Sirius XM !!!http:... Read More »

What are some recent policies that have affected the us market?

Family being very discouraging about my plan to breastfeed?

What exactly is your past/current problem? Germs, showing your body or what? Without knowing your past I can't really answer. Maybe your family and friends know you and realize your going to have i... Read More »