In your experience, what are the pros and cons of plasma and LCD screen TVs?

Answer I recently bought a traditional cathode-ray (CRT) widescreen TV instead of an LCD or plasma. Having compared them side-by-side, the picture on the CRT just seemed more natural to me. The LCDs have ... Read More »

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What are the pros and cons of lcd and plasma TVs?

Plasma TVs get very hot really fast and can make the room feel like a furnace. LCD Tvs don't get hot very easily

Pros & Cons of a Life Experience Degree?

A life experience degree is a type of college diploma usually obtained online. This type of degree is also known as "distance learning." A recipient obtains credit for her experiences in life. A pe... Read More »

I cannot decide what to buy, a plasma or LCD TV What are tht pros and cons And best brands?

Prices are dropping fast so if you can wait a while you will get a better deal....PLASMA PROS:1) You can get a bigger screen for less $ than LCD2) There are more models to choose fromPlasma CONS:1)... Read More »

Which type of TV would you buy: Plasma, LCD or the new LED type Why Pros and cons?

I already own a Panasonic Plasma TV and absolutely love it! Picture quality is the best i've seen thus far! Everybody that comes over to my house says that they can't believe how clear and beautifu... Read More »