In your childhood, what was your favorite grade?

Answer 3rd grade. The teacher was so much fun and I remember I always wanted to go to school because she would play with us and teach at the same time.

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What were your favorite movies from your childhood?

Journey to the center of the earth, James Mason , One Million Years B.C. Loved Dinosaurs .Lady and the Tramp . The Swiss Family Robinson ,Shipwrecked storiesKing Kong . It a Mad,Mad,Mad World .

Whats your favorite Disney classic, from your childhood?

Yes of course! I'm 16 and I do watch them.Favourites are The Lion King and Little Mermaid

What is/was your favorite childhood storybook?

I was all about Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham was my personal fave. But my son's fave was "One Fish Two Fish" I swear I think I still know most of it by heart after reading it to him 2-3 times a ni... Read More »

What is your favorite childhood movie?

Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice are the two movies I watched over and over as a child.I am still in love with those films, Tim Burton is just that awesome.