In windows 7 how can i turn off tablet pc?

Answer Start > type "services.msc" without quotes, scroll down to TabletPC, right-click it and stop it.EDIT: Sorry, I was away from the computer.Go back to services.msc, stop TabletPC again like I said be... Read More »

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How can you get your tablet to turn on power button not working?

Try holding down the power button and home button at the same time! That wirked for me on my ipod so it might work on a tablet!

How to Turn Off the Tablet PC Input Panel in Vista?

All versions of Windows Vista, besides Home Basic, include the option to add a tablet. Tablet PC input uses character recognition, allowing the user the actually write their input on a tablet, usin... Read More »

What Is Windows XP Tablet PC Edition?

Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is a version of the Windows XP operating system made for tablet PCs. The Tablet Edition is a superset of Windows XP, meaning that it includes the full versi... Read More »

Can you change Android OS in a Tablet PC to Windows OS?

Yes but it is very difficult sorry cannot help you ant futher :P