In which year was the band saw invented by William Newberry?

Answer William Newberry patented a band saw in 1808 in England. However, his creation was unusable because it could not withstand high stress, according to John Lienhard at the University of Houston Colle... Read More »

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What year was the band-aid invented?

Earle Dickson invented the Band-Aid bandage in 1920 to help his wife, who often cut herself in the kitchen. It took a few years for the concept to become popular, as the first Band-Aids the Johnson... Read More »

Who invented blu-ray disc and in which year?

No, Toshiba's firmware in their blu-ray players makes it so you need their proprietary wireless adapter. Sort of a rip-off since I can't find one for less than $80. I moved my cable modem & wireles... Read More »

In which year was the first computer invented?

The first modern computer was invented in 1948, completing its first successful mathematical calculation on June 21 of that year. This first computer was known as the Small Scale Experimental Machi... Read More »

In which year was the clothes dryer invented?

Many sources credit M. Pochon of France with inventing the first dryer--it was hand-cranked--in 1899-1900. The first American patent for a dryer was awarded in 1892 to George Sampson, who used a he... Read More »