In which website i can scan my motherboard and get result about my system?

Answer Go to It scans your system and lets you know what you can do to improve it and what may be wrong with it.

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Are there are problems with pregnancy's that can result in death of the mother that are detected on the first scan?

Usually the conditions that can kill the mother is not from the fetus but continuing the pregnancy leads to her not getting the treatment for something she has will kill her so therefor an abortion... Read More »

Ocr system gives 100% accuraty result?

I've can't think of one time when I've used OCR that I didn't have to fix errors. FYI... I use ABBYY

What kind of AMD motherboard do I need to run a 32-bit system?

An AMD motherboard is specifically socketed to accommodate the AMD CPU. A 32- or 64-bit system is determined by the operating system installed---and every AMD compatible motherboard produced in 201... Read More »

How to Restore an Operating System in Another PC if My Motherboard Is Dead?

The motherboard contains the necessary circuitry to connect essential devices, such as the hard drive, RAM and CPU, to the computer. Along the motherboard run traces, which transmit data and instru... Read More »