In which website i can scan my motherboard and get result about my system?

Answer Go to It scans your system and lets you know what you can do to improve it and what may be wrong with it.

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Where can you find a website about diseases of the reproductive system?

Answer That's probably the most talked about subject in all of history, outside of sex- humm- even talk about diseases may even supercede it. Just type STD in your favorite search box; Google for o... Read More »

Which year did you come to know about the Website "Wikipedia"?

Ocr system gives 100% accuraty result?

I've can't think of one time when I've used OCR that I didn't have to fix errors. FYI... I use ABBYY

You wish to scan an 8 by 10 colour photograph using a scanner which can scan images at a resolution of 3200 d?

I will estimate one photograph would use up 0.244MB.Pretty small, from what I think.