In which war did the greatest number of american soldiers die?

Answer The Civil War, which occurred from 1861 to 1865, was responsible for the most American casualties. During this war, America lost approximately 346,511 Union soldiers and 260,000 Confederate soldier... Read More »

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In which war were the greatest number of American soldiers killed?

Unless one counts both sides in the Civil War, World War II was the most costly, with 405,399 U.S. soldiers registered as killed. The Civil War exceeds this total only if both Union and Confederate... Read More »

In which war was the greatest number of soldiers killed?

World War II was the bloodiest war in world history, with between 20-25 million soldiers killed, by some estimates. Fifty countries participated in the war, which began in 1939 and ended in 1945.Re... Read More »

Number of American soldiers wounded or killed in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Answer In May of 2006 it was 296 in Afghanistan and 17,869 in Iraq

How many American soldiers fought in the Mexican American war?

On all fronts the troop strength reached about 78,000 by the end of the war.