In which states can you marry at 15 or younger?

Answer AnswerThough you do have to be 21 to marry in Mississippi without consent, you may get married at 15 if you are a female with the consent of ONE parent. Mississippi is one of the few states that do... Read More »

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I want to marry my younger sister how?

If she has the same natural parents as you have you cannot legally marry her, it would be called incest and it is against the law.

Can you marry your mother's sister's husband's younger brother?

Your mother's sister is you aunt and her husband is your uncle, but his brother (younger or older) is not related to you. If you are an adult female you can marry him if you want, although some rel... Read More »

Do you become a United States citizen if you marry one?

You do not automatically become a United States citizen when you marry a United States citizen. There are still a number of legal hurdles to citizenship to be overcome following the marriage. You w... Read More »

Are there any states that require a biological father to go through adoption proceedings if he and the mother marry after the baby's birth?

AnswerThe biological father should have been put on the birth certificate to begin with so why would he have to adopt them. If he wasnt at birth, see if you can get the birth certificate to reflect... Read More »